• The LOCAL Paper print edition is read by over 15,000 readers of all ages and income ranges, every week.
  • The LOCAL Paper print edition is distributed to about 100 high traffic locations in Southern, Southeast Alaska including largest employers and stores in Ketchikan, Metlakatla and Prince of Wales Island and now it can be seen on the web all over the world!
  • Readers enjoy our convenient magazine-sized format, printed on easy-to-read white bond.
  • The LOCAL Paper print edition stays around an average of 8 days, where it circulates from desk-to-desk and household-to-household which means your advertising is seen many times, by many people.
  • Our paper is free to everyone; all of your existing customers and potential new buyers
Our Special Publications

We produce several special print supplements focused on a variety of special-interest subjects through-out the year.

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